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7 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Holy war7crusade
What a cause might turn i7crusade
More than a cause7crusade
Christian military expedition7crusade
A military expedition caused trouble with king being captured7crusade
Vigorous campaign7crusade
Campaign to overhaul used car7crusade
Being coarse about sex-appeal means war!7crusade
Calamitous used-car war7crusade
Religious campaign7crusade
Religious war7crusade
Pope Urban II launched the first one in 10957crusade
Indiana Jones and the Last ..., Indy's third outing7crusade
Extensive campaign ('Smooth Operator')7crusade
When backing is needed in oil campaign7crusade
Vulgar about Salvation Army campaign7crusade
Social campaign7crusade
Vigorous defense of a cause7crusade
Drive going backwards so landing in rough7crusade
What a cause might turn into7crusade
A medieval religious battle over land7crusade
Eisenhower's "...... in Europe"7crusade
2007 historical novel by Robyn Young7crusade
Campaigning movement7crusade
Destroys a cursed expedition7crusade
Medieval military expedition for religious reasons7crusade
Campaign for a cause7crusade
south africa in tasteless campaign7crusade
Aggressive campaign7crusade
campaign to destroy middle eastern port to end shortly7crusade
Medieval Christian military expedition7crusade
USA cred changed campaign7crusade
Single-minded campaign7crusade
Car used for campaign7crusade
Fight to save a battered used car7crusade
car used somehow for a campaign7crusade
Tireless campaign7crusade
Moral campaign7crusade
Sex appeal, in unrefined circumstances, caused a holy war7crusade
Car used wrongly for a romantic undertaking7crusade
Military expedition under banner of the Cross7crusade