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Best answers for 4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
what mckinley tried to buy for $300 million4 letterscuba
Havana is its capital4 letterscuba
where the rumba began4 letterscuba
Havana its capital4 letterscuba
It starts with a baby bear4 letterscuba
youngster reaches a part of the caribbean4 letterscuba
west indies republic whose capital is havana4 letterscuba
Reporter potentially has answer for nation4 letterscuba
Home to the Bay of Pigs4 letterscuba
Young reporter has article on Caribbean island4 letterscuba
Young American country4 letterscuba
Actor Gooding Jr.4 letterscuba
Island nation4 letterscuba
country that announced plans to devalue its peso last week4 letterscuba
... libre (rum drink)4 letterscuba
Communist country4 letterscuba
Caribbean country; capital Havana4 letterscuba
San Juan Hill locale4 letterscuba
Back with a little less than a dollar from abroad4 letterscuba
Havana's country4 letterscuba
Havanas country4 letterscuba
Country west of Haiti4 letterscuba
Havana's land4 letterscuba
Castro's island4 letterscuba
land of the castros4 letterscuba
Young lion on a large island4 letterscuba
Castro's country4 letterscuba
San Juan Hill site4 letterscuba
Havana's home4 letterscuba
Havana's locale4 letterscuba
Castro's land4 letterscuba
Destination of many 1960s4 letterscuba
Bay of Pigs locale4 letterscuba
Bay of Pigs location4 letterscuba
Santiago de ......4 letterscuba
Embargoed land4 letterscuba
International baseball po4 letterscuba
Largest Caribbean island4 letterscuba
Caribbean island4 letterscuba
Island copper to graduate4 letterscuba
Youngster brought to a Caribbean island4 letterscuba
Member of youth organisation on a Caribbean island4 letterscuba
Apprentice reporter on a Caribbean island4 letterscuba
Young reporter on a Caribbean island4 letterscuba
Homeland of many Miamians4 letterscuba
Country famous for its cigars4 letterscuba
Island producing copper and barium4 letterscuba
Youngster going to a Caribbean republic4 letterscuba
He leaves Trojan woman in island4 letterscuba
Embargoed country4 letterscuba