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Clue length Answer
Serious lack6dearth
Want ......6dearth
Opposite of a surplus6dearth
Want to disguise hatred6dearth
Lack sweet touch, having no heart6dearth
Shortage beginning to destroy planet6dearth
Want to contribute to avante-garde art history6dearth
Scarcity of daughters where we live?6dearth
Lack of soil on ground, ultimately6dearth
Shortage of diamonds on ground6dearth
Expensive getting only half of this in shortage6dearth
Note soil scarcity6dearth
... want day home!6dearth
A shortage of twisted thread6dearth
Shortage, paucity6dearth
Lack of honey — this is missing6dearth
The lack of runs, in the end6dearth
Trade working hours in shortage6dearth
Lack soil under first of dahlias6dearth
scarcity of thread6dearth
Shortage of thorium because it is too expensive?6dearth
Lack diamonds on this planet6dearth
Famine becomes expensive, this being halved6dearth
Diamonds on ground in shortage6dearth
Wanderer from end to end not having enough6dearth
Want symbolic home to have entrance changed6dearth
Want termination of Red Planet6dearth
Want to get right, in conclusion6dearth
Want to see Tom Hanks' initialled letter-opener?6dearth
Want what shall have no dominion outside the king6dearth
hardly a plethora6dearth
Lack (of)6dearth
serious shortage6dearth
plethora's opposite6dearth
Beginning to deal with world shortage6dearth
Scarcity put right inside 286dearth