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Best answers for 6 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
Wrongly infer the daughter is an ally6 lettersfriend
Demon securing King's mate6 lettersfriend
"Our Mutual ...... "6 lettersfriend
3's piece at last achieves mate6 lettersfriend
Bud6 lettersfriend
Chum has filter tips and I object6 lettersfriend
father with one close pal6 lettersfriend
Like some hot food (including noodles primarily) in China6 lettersfriend
partner cooked holding base of spoon6 lettersfriend
Buddy getting tiniest bit of nettle cooked outside6 lettersfriend
Pal; Quaker6 lettersfriend
Mate6 lettersfriend
Homeboy6 lettersfriend
It's half-day closing, pal!6 lettersfriend
Devil crossing river to see a pal6 lettersfriend
sponsor's right to stop formula one dying6 lettersfriend
One on a Facebook News Feed6 lettersfriend
Familiar6 lettersfriend
Foul spirit infused with drop of Ribena or a Bud?6 lettersfriend
Favoured companion6 lettersfriend
Compadre6 lettersfriend
facebook ...6 lettersfriend
Pal, mate6 lettersfriend
Father and I with close companion6 lettersfriend
Opposite of enemy; person you like6 lettersfriend
To add someone on a social network6 lettersfriend
There's little right in devil becoming a chum6 lettersfriend
Companion; Quaker6 lettersfriend
Cook might have done so around North China6 lettersfriend
Companion of female director eating nothing in France6 lettersfriend
Female diner excited partner6 lettersfriend
Addict knocking back bar's last Bud6 lettersfriend
Sat following this in China6 lettersfriend
Quaker6 lettersfriend
Damon, to Pythias6 lettersfriend
Chum6 lettersfriend
Ally6 lettersfriend
A dog is a man's best ....6 lettersfriend
Anagram of finder6 lettersfriend
A fellow diner-out: someone pleasant to be with6 lettersfriend
Run into the devil's familiar6 lettersfriend
Intimate Devil embraces rioters' leader6 lettersfriend
"Say hello to my little ..." - Scarface6 lettersfriend
Close acquaintance6 lettersfriend
republican admitted to bad spirit in china6 lettersfriend
James Taylor song, You've Got a ....6 lettersfriend
Boss fined over writing to intimate acquaintance6 lettersfriend
An intimate sort of Russian leader consumed by one of the devils6 lettersfriend
Buddy6 lettersfriend
Pal6 lettersfriend