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4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue .

Clue Length Answer
A program usually has one4 lettersicon
Pic to click4 lettersicon
Elvis, e.g.4 lettersicon
Revered one4 lettersicon
Desktop folder, e.g.4 lettersicon
Clickable screen symbol4 lettersicon
David or Victoria Beckham4 lettersicon
Something a computer user4 lettersicon
Smiley face, e.g.4 lettersicon
Universally known figure4 lettersicon
Pointer's target4 lettersicon
Desktop graphic4 lettersicon
Recycle bin, for one4 lettersicon
Scissors, for "cut," on a4 lettersicon
Only thing between you an4 lettersicon
Bit of Windows dressing?4 lettersicon
It may be seen in a windo4 lettersicon
Screen pic4 lettersicon
Jackie O, e.g.4 lettersicon
Clicked pic4 lettersicon
Desktop picture4 lettersicon
Pic you can click4 lettersicon
Che Guevara, e.g.4 lettersicon
Something to click4 lettersicon
Desktop feature4 lettersicon
Computer screen image4 lettersicon
Click site4 lettersicon
Spot for a cursor, maybe4 lettersicon
Mao, for one4 lettersicon
PC pictograph4 lettersicon
Trash bin, e.g.4 lettersicon
Clicked image4 lettersicon
Computer image4 lettersicon
Clickable image4 lettersicon
PC pic4 lettersicon
Clickable symbol4 lettersicon
Trash can, for one4 lettersicon
Orthodox Church feature4 lettersicon
James Dean or Marilyn Mon4 lettersicon
Religious figure4 lettersicon
Screen image4 lettersicon
Computer symbol4 lettersicon
Trash can, e.g., on a com4 lettersicon
It stands for something4 lettersicon
Image4 lettersicon
Trash can on a desktop, e4 lettersicon
Screen symbol4 lettersicon
On-screen image4 lettersicon
Symbol4 lettersicon
Many a celebrity4 lettersicon

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