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Clue length Answer
Southeast Asian3lao
Thai tongue3lao
Kip spender3lao
Indochinese language3lao
Thai relative3lao
"Dr." in a 1964 film titl3lao
Thai neighbor3lao
"7 Faces of Dr. ......" (1963lao
......-tzu (Taoism founder)3lao
Thai's neighbor3lao
Neighbor of a Vietnamese3lao
Language of Indochina3lao
Southeast Asian language3lao
Certain southeast Asian3lao
Language along the Mekong3lao
Mekong Buddhist3lao
Vientiane native3lao
Dweller along the Mekong3lao
Neighbor of a Thai3lao
Beatty of "Superman"3lao
Language written with no3lao
Mekong River native3lao
Charles G. Finney's "The3lao
Pathet ......3lao
Thai Buddhist3lao
Relative of Thai3lao
Philosopher ......-tzu3lao
It's spoken in Vientiane3lao
Doctor in a 1964 movie3lao
Pathet ...... (Asian party)3lao
China's ......-tse3lao
Mekong native3lao
Language in which 'thank you' is 'khob chai'3lao
something president bounnhang vorachith speaks3lao
Native language west of 14 Across3lao
language with six tones3lao
Asian language3lao
language similar to thai3lao
Asian people left area with nothing3lao
vientiane people3lao
Official language of Laos3lao
larb, a meat salad, is the "unofficial" national dish enjoyed by this nationality3lao
Cambodian's neighbor3lao
language with a vientiane dialect3lao
language of southeast asia3lao
language heard in vientiane3lao
se asian language3lao
tony randall film, 7 faces of dr. ...3lao