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Clue length Answer
Texas state tree5pecan
Texas's state tree5pecan
Ice cream flavor5pecan
Popular pie ingredient5pecan
Pie choice5pecan
Praline nut5pecan
Christmas cookie ingredie5pecan
Ice cream nut5pecan
Pie nut5pecan
State tree of Texas5pecan
Tart flavor5pecan
Popular pie flavor5pecan
Kind of tart5pecan
Cape Town's last bendy tree5pecan
Nut in middle of open tin5pecan
Hickory tree5pecan
Nut without complete hope cannot5pecan
Nut about to stab writer5pecan
Edible nut like a smooth walnut5pecan
Type of nut5pecan
Hickory tree and its nut5pecan
Nut tree of the southern United States and Mexico5pecan
Like a walnut, a ........ nut is strictly the edible seed of a drupe5pecan
pie-topping nut5pecan
Nutty type of writer takes in most of Cork5pecan
A nut from California put in prison5pecan
pinkish-brown nut used in pies5pecan
Tree roughly embraced by writer5pecan
nut whose name has multiple pronunciations5pecan
Nut roughly put in enclosure5pecan
Cane for training under heading of pine nut5pecan
Walnut's kin5pecan
Exercise is able to provide nutrition5pecan
Butter ... (ice cream flavor)5pecan
Dismantle canape and remove a nut5pecan
Ingredient in many a sandie cookie5pecan
nut often used in a thanksgiving pie5pecan
Expert turned up in case of poison nut5pecan
Writer retaining accountant is a nut5pecan
Praline ingredient5pecan
Southern pie ingredient5pecan
nut in southern pies5pecan
Shelled open, container for nut5pecan
smooth oval nut of a hickory tree of the southern u.s.5pecan
Turtles' nut5pecan
Oval nut of south central United States5pecan
Nut about to break into enclosure5pecan
type of pie popular in southern cuisine5pecan
mixed nuts tidbit5pecan
praline piece5pecan