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Clue length Answer
Copal or mastic5resin
Sticky stuff5resin
Pine product5resin
Varnish ingredient5resin
Pine dripping5resin
It runs in the woods5resin
Myrrh, for one5resin
Pine exudation5resin
Amber or copal5resin
Balsam, e.g.5resin
...... gum5resin
Amber material5resin
Fly catcher5resin
Amber, e.g.5resin
Ingredient in plastics5resin
Frankincense or myrrh5resin
Plant exudation5resin
Amber is a fossilized one5resin
Pine sap5resin
Sticky pine stuff5resin
Source of amber5resin
Nail polish ingredient5resin
Plant dripping5resin
"Jurassic Park" mosquito5resin
Lacquer part5resin
Dragon's blood, e.g.5resin
Plant runner5resin
Synthetic compound controls essential movement of sulphur5resin
Tree product initially stopped during check5resin
Maybe lust again for Amber?5resin
Rinse off sticky stuff5resin
Compound in Zaire's interior5resin
Tree exudation5resin
About to fall from grace, by gum5resin
Sticky substance exuded from some trees5resin
Rinse out something sticky5resin
Contributor to plastics industry prepares individual bottles5resin
Material from centres, industrial5resin
Sticky substance exuded by pine trees5resin
tree secretion5resin
Lacquer ingredient5resin
Bug trapper about to trespass5resin
10 perhaps behave like recidivists?5resin
sticky stuff from a tree5resin
Epoxy ingredient5resin
Check sap initially went in as a product of trees5resin
amber, for one5resin
Unprocessed pine secretion5resin
amber, for instance5resin
Rinse out sap5resin

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