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Clue length Answer
"That's life!," e.g.6saying
Expressing in words6saying
Maxim, adage6saying
Maxim is remaining after tour's leader has gone6saying
Proverb, for example, popular and good6saying
Adage remaining with time passing6saying
Adage, maxim6saying
Saw one in Glasgow filling sink6saying
Remaining, not time for speaking6saying
Proverb, something said a lot6saying
Easy going with no ego, in a manner of speaking6saying
Saw, for example, in front of garage6saying
Saw, obviously not being dumb6saying
Adage, for example, in Gateshead6saying
A sign that's confused bearing unknown proverb6saying
A saw, for argument's sake, making fifty percent6saying
A maxim, adage or proverb6saying
Proverb, dictum6saying
Carpe diem, for one6saying
Motto, for example, favoured by leader of gang6saying
Saw one in Glasgow wrapped in flag6saying
Motto, for example, popular with Guides, primarily6saying
Saw coming out with6saying
saw part of an essay in greek6saying
Old saw6saying
Saw not going to lose teeth, originally6saying
Egyptian's missing pet in the cat's pyjamas, for instance6saying
Easy going, lacking ego and getting opinions across6saying
Cutting to pieces without large saw6saying
Reading out a proverb?6saying
Staggering -- eschewing wife's maxim!6saying
describing new york, talk up sandwiches i saw6saying
giving voice to a proverb6saying
Short, commonly known expression6saying
Expression perhaps popular with golfers, initially6saying

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