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8 lettres, Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue .

Clue Length Answer
great guy taking part in jujitsu permanently8 letterssuperman
star filled in by american agent about a fantastic role8 letterssuperman
Comic-book hero who wears a red cape8 letterssuperman
Flying hero from Krypton8 letterssuperman
Fictional hero played in films by Christopher Reeve8 letterssuperman
Dean Cain TV role8 letterssuperman
Clark Kent's alter ego8 letterssuperman
Christopher Reeve role8 letterssuperman
Character from Krypton8 letterssuperman
Marlon Brando movie of 19788 letterssuperman
DC Comics protagonist8 letterssuperman
Second-biggest movie hit of 19788 letterssuperman
1978 blockbuster movie co-written by Mario Puzo8 letterssuperman
Powerful DC figure?8 letterssuperman
strong male swimmer saves you, an extraordinarily powerful chap8 letterssuperman
Reeve's role, originally, over staff8 letterssuperman
Star's welcoming wave in Barnet, meeting a hero8 letterssuperman
He has quite exceptional powers8 letterssuperman
Comic and film hero8 letterssuperman
Series starring George Reeves, 1950s8 letterssuperman
Richard Donner's hit film8 letterssuperman
Hero played in films by Christopher Reeve8 letterssuperman
He can be affected by kryptonite8 letterssuperman
Superhero with an S on his chest8 letterssuperman
Alien from Krypton who gets strength from the sun8 letterssuperman
hero cooked prunes without mother8 letterssuperman
The strongest male in the world8 letterssuperman
Vigilante from the planet Krypton8 letterssuperman
This hero fights Batman in a 2016 film8 letterssuperman
Clark Kent8 letterssuperman
Clark Kent turns into him8 letterssuperman
Only 1p for meal with boyfriend in Kent?8 letterssuperman
Comic book hero8 letterssuperman
1978 blockbuster movie co8 letterssuperman
Second-biggest movie hit8 letterssuperman
Zod's archenemy8 letterssuperman
Crime-fighter flying to each country in turn, initially8 letterssuperman
Clark Kent turns into this hero8 letterssuperman
Comic book hero born on Krypton and sent to Earth8 letterssuperman
Lois Lane's love8 letterssuperman
Cartoon hero from Krypton8 letterssuperman
Clark Kent's hero name8 letterssuperman
clark kent, really8 letterssuperman
Man of steel?8 letterssuperman
Play by George Bernard Shaw: Man and ...8 letterssuperman
Metropolis: fictional city that .... calls home8 letterssuperman
Great 11, perhaps, for what 1 down might pay8 letterssuperman
This hero was born on planet Krypton8 letterssuperman
2016 film: “Batman v. ... – Dawn of Justice”8 letterssuperman
Not just your average Joe8 letterssuperman