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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
Kind of wave5tidal
Like some pools5tidal
Rising and falling5tidal
Formed by inflow and outf5tidal
Kind of basin5tidal
Like some currents5tidal
Like some waves5tidal
...... basin5tidal
Of neap and ebb5tidal
Word with bore or wave5tidal
Wave type5tidal
Time's perfect, extracting energy of sea movements5tidal
Flowing and ebbing5tidal
Rising and falling with the sea5tidal
Describing main variations, I'd article in The Listener at first5tidal
Following ocean currents, it turned and boy turned5tidal
Of the rise and fall of the sea5tidal
Subject to rise and fall of sea5tidal
Like some waters initially lapping mine entrance when rising5tidal
Descriptive of a great sea-power5tidal
Boy, it is rising - and falling!5tidal
Showing regular current fluctuations5tidal
every so often, third yawl finds a kind of large wave5tidal
It describes movement, in the main5tidal
Affected by movement of the sea5tidal
of an ocean's rise and fall5tidal
Ebbing and flowing5tidal
... wave5tidal
(Of the sea) ebbing and flowing5tidal
Affected by changes in sea level5tidal
like a tsunami5tidal
Like some basins5tidal
Kind of pool5tidal
...... pool5tidal
word before basin or wave5tidal
word before wave or pool5tidal
Sea movement type of wave5tidal
showing a regular variation in current levels5tidal
With ebb and flow5tidal
Kind of wave or basin5tidal
pointless detail in play about what a powerful attraction might cause5tidal
.... wave, tsunami5tidal
Type of pool or wave5tidal
Of movements of the sea5tidal
Ruled by the moon5tidal
Flowing, in a way5tidal
... wave (large surge of water)5tidal
Like some waves and basins5tidal
Rising and falling like the sea5tidal