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Clue length Answer
...... Express5voice
Alto or soprano5voice
Style of expression5voice
Alto or tenor5voice
Word before mail or vote5voice
Computerised analysis of speech5voice
Ability to sing5voice
It may be active or passive, speaking or singing5voice
declare immorality has got old5voice
(Human) utterance5voice
... possibly active in vice ring?5voice
What's gripping about love is the sound5voice
Utter - part5voice
writer's search5voice
Give expression to5voice
Ability to speak5voice
Express, as concerns5voice
Soprano or bass5voice
Tenor's pride5voice
Word with mail or box5voice
"Say ......"5voice
It's heard when one speaks5voice
Singing ability5voice
Laryngitis sufferer's loss5voice
Express in words what's warm coming out of microwave5voice
“Raise Your ...,” movie starring Hilary Duff as Teresa “Terri” Fletcher5voice
Duck carried in evil air5voice
To express5voice
Sound produced in the larynx5voice
Singer's sound5voice
Kind of box5voice
Mezzo-soprano, e.g.5voice
Sinatra's great asset5voice
Express an opinion5voice
The ...... (Sinatra)5voice
Sinatra's gift5voice
Domingo asset5voice
Larynx product5voice
Echo lost all but this5voice
Tenor, for one5voice
Sinatra, "The ......"5voice
Kind of vote or box5voice
It can be hushed5voice
Bill's in this as the spokesman5voice
Declare there's something gripping about love5voice
Soprano, eg5voice

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