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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
Radio tube filler5xenon
Arc lamp gas5xenon
Hard-to-combine gas5xenon
Element in arc lamps5xenon
It's a gas5xenon
Flash lamp filler5xenon
Element #545xenon
Gas in arc lamps5xenon
Photographic flash gas5xenon
1980s Big Apple nightclub5xenon
Element in strobe lights5xenon
Gas used in flash lamps5xenon
Inert gas5xenon
It doesn't react well5xenon
Colourless gas5xenon
Inert gas, Xe5xenon
Gas in cannon exploded backwards5xenon
Cross nobody's turned back the gas5xenon
Noble gas5xenon
Colorless gas5xenon
Finally, burn energy by turning on gas5xenon
Gas supplied for extension that's an off-site build5xenon
Gas appearing to follow headless cattle5xenon
Element of Buddhist sound appearing5xenon
Not a bit cross about gas5xenon
chemistry discovery of 18985xenon
noble gas, xe5xenon
element no. 545xenon
Gas on in future, cut back5xenon
Takes any person back to origin of natural gas5xenon
Gas you get from oxen on the farm5xenon
barely traceable air element5xenon
Periodically, 54 times nothing mounts up5xenon
Figure neon anew to be a gaseous element5xenon
element from the greek for "strange"5xenon
gas in flashtubes5xenon
propellant in ion thrusters5xenon
gas in an arc lamp5xenon
Gas used in arc lamps5xenon
Heavy inert gas5xenon
Gas from the Greek for “strange”5xenon
Odorless gas5xenon
Element used in ion thrusters5xenon
Send back first five bits of non-explosive element5xenon
No one getting cross, rolling round? I sure don't react!5xenon
chemical element used in arc lamps5xenon
1980s Big Apple nightclub with a chemical name5xenon
Gas in an ion thruster5xenon
Fifth member in a noble line5xenon
First inert gas made into a compound5xenon