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Clue length Answer
"...... light is not dayligh3yon
Over there3yon
Hither's partner3yon
In the distance3yon
"Throw thine eye / On ......3yon
Burns's "O Were My Love ..3yon
Pointer's direction3yon
Robert Burns's "...... Wild3yon
That over there3yon
Directional word3yon
Not here3yon
"Nightly she sings on ......3yon
"Lo! in ...... brilliant win3yon
"Silent Night" adjective3yon
Not hither3yon
Hither and ......3yon
"...... knight doth sit too3yon
Partner for hither3yon
Word from a pointer3yon
That [Dialect]3yon
Those over there3yon
direction in which a pointer may point3yon
"...... there!"3yon
Those at a distance3yon
Hither's companion3yon
florida's prehistoric ... mound and village site, located on the apalachicola river3yon
hither's go-with3yon
bard's "over there"3yon
that, in poetry3yon
over there, back then3yon
the [one] over there, old-style3yon
hither's opposite3yon
Hither's counterpart3yon
partner of hither3yon
Not a year for upsetting that local3yon
that, old-style3yon
"... light is not daylight": juliet3yon
"... the dew of ... high eastward hill": "hamlet"3yon
it's other than hither3yon
far from hither3yon
over there, in verse3yon
Over there, a Yankee gets ahead3yon
Can it be a ravine over there?3yon
“Round ... virgin, mother and child” (“Silent Night” line)3yon
That's the end of holiday working3yon
In the distance, to Blake3yon
Round ... virgin mother and child (Silent Night lyric)3yon

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