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Clue length Answer
Annoyance, in British sla5aggro
Violent behavior, in Brit5aggro
Problems and difficulties5aggro
King George admitted to past problems5aggro
Old King, in past, threatening action5aggro
Greek consumed by past grief5aggro
Violence in an attempt to capture king5aggro
Bother filling bag (groan)5aggro
Trouble as wrecked Argo ships gallons5aggro
Tearing bits off flag, grossly offensive behaviour5aggro
“In the past”, describing King George's troubles5aggro
Hostility (informal)5aggro
trouble for a horse returning gold5aggro
A horse, say, or other cause of trouble5aggro
Fleabag growled having some irritation5aggro
Violence - difficulties5aggro
Violence - obstructiveness5aggro
Violence - problems5aggro
Violent behaviour5aggro
Aggressive behaviour5aggro
Ace grog mixture brings trouble5aggro
combative, slangily5aggro
Provocation (informal)5aggro
Some backward cyborg gangsters in trouble locally5aggro
Belligerent, in British slang5aggro
Trouble in stalag group5aggro
Trouble as a horse runs over5aggro
"Violent behavior, in British slang"5aggro
"Annoyance, in British slang"5aggro
[informal british usage] aggravation or aggression5aggro
Trouble: wrecked Argo ships gallons5aggro
Belligerent, in Britspeak5aggro
A note to almost develop into vicious behaviour5aggro
Intimidating behaviour in the past involving historic monarch5aggro
Bother with a horse, say, otherwise go back5aggro
Violent behaviour in the past involving one coming before the Queen5aggro
Acting belligerently, in slang5aggro
Good king sheltered in earlier rumpus5aggro
Problems — difficulties (informal)5aggro
Newspaper cut up about leader in general — bother!5aggro
threatening behaviour of one taking drink back to front5aggro
trouble in bundestag growing5aggro

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