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5 lettres, Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue .

Clue Length Answer
Siepi and Hines5 lettersbassi
Ezio Pinza and others5 lettersbassi
Siepi, Hines et al.5 lettersbassi
Mall and Tajo of the Met5 lettersbassi
They sing so low5 lettersbassi
Some "Aïda" singers5 lettersbassi
Several "Boris Godunov" parts5 lettersbassi
Singers turning round unmissable shows5 lettersbassi
"Several roles in The Barber of Seville"5 lettersbassi
Boito's Mefistofele and others5 lettersbassi
Often villainous operatic roles5 lettersbassi
Pinza and Chaliapin5 lettersbassi
Hines and Siepi5 lettersbassi
Pinza and Hines5 lettersbassi
Tajo and Vinco5 lettersbassi
Deep singers5 lettersbassi
Principles I lowered for singers5 lettersbassi
low choral voices5 lettersbassi
Singers like Siepi5 lettersbassi
Hines and Pinza5 lettersbassi
Tajo and Siepi5 lettersbassi
Chaliapin and Moscona5 lettersbassi
Cheek and Foldi5 lettersbassi
Choir division5 lettersbassi
Opera's Don Pedro and Don Pasquale, e.g5 lettersbassi
many opera villains5 lettersbassi
Low men5 lettersbassi
Several roles in "The Bar5 lettersbassi
Often villainous operatic5 lettersbassi
Low-voiced singers5 lettersbassi
Deep voices5 lettersbassi
Lowest parts5 lettersbassi
Boito's Mefistofele and o5 lettersbassi
Operatic villains, often5 lettersbassi
Operatic voices5 lettersbassi
They have low ranges5 lettersbassi
Met men5 lettersbassi
Don Pasquale and others5 lettersbassi
Some "A5 lettersbassi
Met villains, often5 lettersbassi
soprani opposites5 lettersbassi
voices below tenori5 lettersbassi
low choristers5 lettersbassi
They go low when others go high5 lettersbassi
deep opera voices5 lettersbassi
Singers from US behind AC/DC covers5 lettersbassi
A Nazi group interrupts sexually ambivalent singers5 lettersbassi
Low singers5 lettersbassi
Low voices5 lettersbassi
Boris Godunov singers5 lettersbassi

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