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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
County north of the river5clare
County of Ireland5clare
*Writer ...... Boothe Luce5clare
Shannon Airport's county5clare
County north of Limerick5clare
St. ...... of Assisi5clare
Limerick neighbor5clare
Irish county north of Lim5clare
Quilty of "Lolita"5clare
Ada of "Bleak House"5clare
western irish county where ennis lies5clare
Worry about large Cambridge college5clare
Irish county; Cambridge college5clare
County of the Republic of Ireland; county town Ennis5clare
shannon's county5clare
* A clear alternative5clare
Irish county5clare
........ Boothe Luce5clare
sainted early follower of francis5clare
Irish county, capital Ennis5clare
Girl in an Irish county5clare
Irish county north of Limerick5clare
County north of the river Shannon5clare
County near Limerick5clare
Saint ...... of Assisi, co-founder of the Order of Poor Ladies5clare
"The Rural Muse" poet5clare
Journalist...... Boothe Luce5clare
Old-time cartoonist Briggs5clare
Cartoonist Briggs5clare
Mrs. Luce5clare
A Munster county5clare
County in W Ireland5clare
Sainted Assisi nun5clare
Galway neighbor5clare
Munster-province county5clare
Stowe's Eva St. ......5clare
Farrell's "Bernard ......"5clare
"Bernard ......," Farrell novel5clare
Neighbor of Galway5clare
...... Booth Luce5clare
Actress Bowen of TV's Nashville5clare
Cassandra ...... writer of The Mortal Instruments series of Y.A. novels5clare
"you got older" playwright barron5clare
Saint ... of Assisi (Order of Poor Ladies foundress)5clare
who plays amanda in the current rté drama series kin?5clare
ennis is its county town?5clare
Western Irish county5clare
County of western Ireland5clare
the banner county5clare