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Clue length Answer
Jordanian money5dinar
1,000 millimes5dinar
Jordanian cash5dinar
Libyan money5dinar
Gulf money5dinar
Iranian bread5dinar
Basic monetary unit of several North African and Middle East countries5dinar
What may be deposited in Arab banks?5dinar
Currency setter invested in rising currency5dinar
pretty paltry amount in serbia5dinar
Row where there's a run on foreign currency5dinar
100 paras content to land in Arkansas5dinar
Standard monetary unit of Bahrain5dinar
Bill handled in Jordan5dinar
Algerian currency5dinar
getting change for this coin could be a drain5dinar
Ordinary case for Algerian money5dinar
Yugoslav currency5dinar
item that's worth something down in sfax's casbah5dinar
Drain away money5dinar
Official currency of Bahrain Jordan Algeria and many other countries5dinar
Money in Bahrain5dinar
Currency of Iran5dinar
Iraqi currency5dinar
iraqi money5dinar
jordanian dough5dinar
tunisian currency5dinar
bahraini money5dinar
Foreign currency some purchased in Arabia5dinar
Currency of Iraq or Kuwait5dinar
bahrain money5dinar
money in algeria5dinar
Currency of Serbia5dinar
Tunisian monetary unit5dinar
bahraini currency5dinar
money got by some arabs after big racket5dinar
Currency unit5dinar
Foreign currency found in a remote part5dinar
currency drain5dinar
involved in a row about money5dinar
Tunisian money5dinar
Mosul money5dinar
Bahraini buck5dinar
Money in Baghdad5dinar
Algerian money5dinar
Money of the Mid East5dinar
Jordanian dollar5dinar
A dollar in Kuwait5dinar
Coin for Khomeini5dinar
Kuwaiti coin5dinar