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Best answers for 4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
Entertainer's “grand slam”4 lettersegot
Complete set of showbiz awards, for short4 lettersegot
Achievement for Whoopi Goldberg, in brief4 lettersegot
Awards acronym completed twice by Robert Lopez4 lettersegot
Four-award achievement, for short4 lettersegot
show-biz grand slam4 lettersegot
Awards for John Legend, briefly4 lettersegot
acronym for a certain quartet of awards4 lettersegot
multi-award designation for rita moreno4 lettersegot
Four-award achievement, slangily4 lettersegot
Acronym for the biggest awards in TV, music, movies, and theater4 lettersegot
Acronym for the four major awards in the entertainment industry4 lettersegot
Grand slam of show business honors (Abbr.)4 lettersegot
Award quartet for Liza Minnelli4 lettersegot
showbiz acronym that's a major achievement4 lettersegot
Awards sweep, for short4 lettersegot
awards-coup acronym4 lettersegot
Award achievement for Audrey Hepburn and Andrew Lloyd Webber4 lettersegot
show-biz "grand slam," for short4 lettersegot
Grand Slam of entertainment, for short4 lettersegot
Performer's grand slam, in modern parlance4 lettersegot
acronym for a coveted award tetrad4 lettersegot
acronym for four entertainment awards4 lettersegot
Acronym for a multiaward accomplishment4 lettersegot
awards acronym for whoopi goldberg4 lettersegot
Awards feat, for short4 lettersegot
award acronym coined by philip michael thomas4 lettersegot
show-biz honor acronym4 lettersegot
showbiz award "grand slam"4 lettersegot
Acronym for an awards feat4 lettersegot
grand slam of entertainment, briefly4 lettersegot
winning all four major entertainment awards4 lettersegot
entertainment awards acronym4 lettersegot
Entertainer's milestone4 lettersegot
awards acronym4 lettersegot
Accomplishment for a multitalented performer, slangily4 lettersegot
four-award acronym4 lettersegot
awards acronym coined by philip michael thomas4 lettersegot
Show business Grand Slam abbr4 lettersegot
Showbiz grand slam4 lettersegot
Barbra Streisand collection?4 lettersegot
lloyd webber attainment of 20194 lettersegot
Quadruple awards honor, for short4 lettersegot
Set of awards won by John Legend and Rita Moreno, for short4 lettersegot
Multi-award designation for Goldberg, for short4 lettersegot
Showbiz “grand slam” comprising the awards found in the circled letters4 lettersegot
career honor that viola davis is one award shy of, for short4 lettersegot
Acronym for the four major showbiz awards (Abbr.)4 lettersegot
Award quartet acronym4 lettersegot
show biz award quartet4 lettersegot