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Best answers for 4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
'Veep' honor4 lettersemmy
Redeem myself, partly to get an award4 lettersemmy
US award for girl almost unknown4 lettersemmy
Award shaped like a winged woman4 lettersemmy
austen novel's missing ending - your first award4 lettersemmy
Bring me back to get my TV trophy4 lettersemmy
american tv award4 lettersemmy
English back to play about the middle of summer to get an award4 lettersemmy
Oscar equivalent for TV4 lettersemmy
motörhead legend heading off for award4 lettersemmy
American award for myself, spelled out aloud4 lettersemmy
Small-screen honor4 lettersemmy
Part of EGOT4 lettersemmy
tv award, and a homophonic hint to the four longest puzzle answers4 lettersemmy
award for "game of thrones"4 lettersemmy
award for "fleabag"4 lettersemmy
2019 award for Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Jodie Comer4 lettersemmy
Oscar equivalent for television4 lettersemmy
one of 11 for julia louis-dreyfus4 lettersemmy
one of eight for julia louis-dreyfus4 lettersemmy
tv trophy4 lettersemmy
Actress Rossum4 lettersemmy
Television honor4 lettersemmy
One of 16 won by '30 Rock'4 lettersemmy
Statuette that weighs 6 pounds 12 1/2 ounces4 lettersemmy
'Game of Thrones' award4 lettersemmy
Small-screen award4 lettersemmy
Prize since 19494 lettersemmy
TV award4 lettersemmy
Oscar : film :: ...... : TV4 lettersemmy
Lucci's elusive prize4 lettersemmy
Television award4 lettersemmy
Longtime Susan Lucci ques4 lettersemmy
Lucci's award, finally4 lettersemmy
TV honor4 lettersemmy
Comedy series award, mayb4 lettersemmy
Award won for 39- and 41-4 lettersemmy
A person might earn one f4 lettersemmy
Susan Lucci's eluder4 lettersemmy
Give me back my statuette4 lettersemmy
Topless prize award!4 lettersemmy
Bond's bossy, perhaps, loudly getting award4 lettersemmy
TV award bowls me over — good Lord!4 lettersemmy
Little space writer's given for award4 lettersemmy
US TV award4 lettersemmy
"Frasier" honor4 lettersemmy
Award for Oprah4 lettersemmy
Kind of nomination4 lettersemmy
Award prize, ignoring judge4 lettersemmy
Susan Lucci's 1999 award4 lettersemmy