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9 lettres, Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue .

Clue Length Answer
Printer finishes printing green but breaks down9 lettersgutenberg
bet grunge irritated old bible maker9 lettersgutenberg
Old pressman's belly starts to grumble, needing beer supply9 lettersgutenberg
Bet grunge fan is the first to print9 lettersgutenberg
Beg urgent works for old printer9 lettersgutenberg
Old printer's broken but green and grey's left9 lettersgutenberg
Pioneer of printing9 lettersgutenberg
Medieval printer9 lettersgutenberg
German printer, inventor of movable metal type9 lettersgutenberg
johannes, german craftsman who invented the printing press9 lettersgutenberg
Johannes ..............; he invented the printing press9 lettersgutenberg
Printer of a famous Bible9 lettersgutenberg
Recalls bird entertaining Pole and local Yank, an old bookmaker9 lettersgutenberg
Old bookmaker - a pioneer among the pressmen and printers?9 lettersgutenberg
German pioneer of the printing press9 lettersgutenberg
Inventor of the printing press9 lettersgutenberg
....Project, digital book distribution scheme9 lettersgutenberg
Johannes ...., pioneer of movable type printing9 lettersgutenberg
Invented the printing press in late Middle Ages9 lettersgutenberg
Inventor of movable type printing press9 lettersgutenberg
Old printer's begun shifting some work? About time!9 lettersgutenberg
Johannes —, German inventor of printing by movable type9 lettersgutenberg
his printing press rewrote history?9 lettersgutenberg
Old printer's good German book in sickly green9 lettersgutenberg
Printer of famous illustrated Bible9 lettersgutenberg
Printing pioneer Johannes9 lettersgutenberg
Printing pioneer9 lettersgutenberg

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