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Clue length Answer
Hula shakers4hips
Places for holsters4hips
Hula dancers wiggle them4hips
They may swivel4hips
Elvis moved his, famously4hips
Part of 36-24-364hips
Pelvic joints4hips
Fruit of a rose plant4hips
What you'd expect to get in a casino starting off or joints that swing?4hips
Ship-shape joints4hips
Area of concern for those looking to lose a few pounds4hips
Fruit of a rose4hips
Hand rests for the impatient4hips
Hula swayers4hips
Pocket places, often4hips
Body parts involved in the macarena4hips
When river drops river horses find fruit4hips
salsa shakers4hips
Where your innominate bones are4hips
Swiveling joints4hips
Dysplasia region4hips
potential replacement sites4hips
Fanny pack's place4hips
... Don't Lie (Shakira song)4hips
Coxae, familiarly4hips
cheering words4hips
Source of power for a golf swing4hips
... Don't Lie (2006 Shakira hit)4hips
Vamps swivel them4hips
Shakira's “don't lie”4hips
Hula hoop support4hips
Torso joints4hips
Midbody joints4hips
Leg joints4hips
hula movers4hips
Joints below waists4hips
Joints that move a lot in Zumba classes4hips
Hula hoop rotators4hips
hula dancers sway them4hips
Torso parts4hips
They move around a lot at a square dance4hips
Hula dancers shake them4hips
Disco swingers?4hips
Elvis's swivelers4hips
One Miss America measurement4hips
Frequent reduction targets4hips
Rose fruits4hips
Duo before hooray4hips