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Best answers for 4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
Cold treat4 lettersicee
Java Freeze maker4 lettersicee
Chilling beverage4 lettersicee
Slush Puppie relative4 lettersicee
Slurpee alternative4 lettersicee
Maker of Slush Puppie4 lettersicee
Cold concession stand purchase4 lettersicee
Slushy drink served with a spoon straw4 lettersicee
slurpee precursor4 lettersicee
Frozen drink available at some movie concession stands4 lettersicee
Frozen carbonated drink4 lettersicee
Frozen treat4 lettersicee
drink brand with a polar bear logo4 lettersicee
Slushy drink4 lettersicee
Brain-freezing treat4 lettersicee
Drink brand symbolized by a polar bear4 lettersicee
Drink brand with a polar bear mascot4 lettersicee
Possible cause of brain freeze4 lettersicee
Arctic Blast maker4 lettersicee
Popular frozen drink4 lettersicee
Slushy beverage brand4 lettersicee
Summer treat4 lettersicee
Big name in frozen confections4 lettersicee
Frosty beverage4 lettersicee
Cold drink at a theater4 lettersicee
Beverage brand with an ursine mascot4 lettersicee
Cold drink brand4 lettersicee
Gas station drink brand4 lettersicee
Slushy drink brand4 lettersicee
Slushy treat4 lettersicee
Drink in a red, white and blue cup4 lettersicee
frozen fruit drink brand4 lettersicee
Drink brand with a polar bear in its logo4 lettersicee
Big name in frozen confec4 lettersicee
Frozen drink brand4 lettersicee
Slush Puppie alternative4 lettersicee
Frozen beverage brand4 lettersicee
drink with a polar-bear logo4 lettersicee
Frozen beverage available at Target and Burger King4 lettersicee
burger king beverage option4 lettersicee
drink with a domed cover4 lettersicee
slurpee, basically4 lettersicee
"america's flavorite frozen beverage since 1967"4 lettersicee
brand written in frosty letters4 lettersicee
big name in frozen treats4 lettersicee
Beverage with a spoon straw4 lettersicee
chilled beverage4 lettersicee
burger king beverage4 lettersicee
drink with a polar bear mascot4 lettersicee
Summer cooler?4 lettersicee