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Clue length Answer
Role for Ingrid4ilsa
Rick's "Casablanca" love4ilsa
Madeleine L'Engle novel o4ilsa
Rick's love, in "Casablan4ilsa
"Kiss me as if it were th4ilsa
"Casablanca" heroine4ilsa
Ingrid, in "Casablanca"4ilsa
"Casablanca" woman4ilsa
The kid in "Here's lookin4ilsa
"Casablanca" role4ilsa
Mrs. Victor Laszlo4ilsa
Rick's love in "Casablanc4ilsa
Whom Ingrid played in "Ca4ilsa
Requester of "As Time Goe4ilsa
Ingrid's role in "Casabla4ilsa
"As Time Goes By" request4ilsa
Film character who says "4ilsa
"The most beautiful woman4ilsa
She'll "always have Paris4ilsa
Rick's film love4ilsa
She requested "As Time Go4ilsa
Rick's love, in film4ilsa
"Play it, Sam" speaker4ilsa
Film character who actual4ilsa
She said "Play it, Sam"4ilsa
...... Lund4ilsa
She met Rick in Paris4ilsa
Rick's beloved4ilsa
Ingrid's "Casablanca" rol4ilsa
Rick's old flame4ilsa
Lund of "Casablanca"4ilsa
Rick Blaine's love4ilsa
Rick's love4ilsa
"Judge Dredd" villainess4ilsa
Heroine of film Casablanca; sail (anagram)4ilsa
lund, ingrid bergman's role in the 1942 film 'casablanca'4ilsa
cinematic patron of rick's cafe americain4ilsa
Rick's love in "Casablanca"4ilsa
Woman's name that becomes another woman's name if you swap the first two letters4ilsa
Classic role for Ingrid4ilsa
1942 role for Ingrid4ilsa
classic movie character who says "kiss me as if it were the last time"4ilsa
visitor to rick's4ilsa
she walked into rick's gin joint4ilsa
Whom Sam calls "Miss"4ilsa
ingrid's classic role4ilsa
patron at rick's café4ilsa
"Casablanca" lady4ilsa
character who wrote, "richard, i cannot go with you or ever see you again. you must not ask why."4ilsa