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4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue .

Clue Length Answer
Name on a truck4 lettersmack
Winding river with grand defence against storms?4 lettersmack
...... the Knife, song by Kurt Weill4 lettersmack
Certain truck4 lettersmack
Big truck manufacturer4 lettersmack
Maker of large trucks4 lettersmack
lightning mcqueen's big-rig friend in "cars"4 lettersmack
Truck brand with a bulldog on its logo4 lettersmack
baseball hall of famer connie4 lettersmack
... the Knife4 lettersmack
funny man who won a bafta for not going out, lee ....4 lettersmack
billy, character played by bill nighy in 2003 christmas film love actually4 lettersmack
Big name in big rigs4 lettersmack
Lightning McQueen transporter4 lettersmack
Volvo truck brand4 lettersmack
Surname of Not Going Out star Lee4 lettersmack
Big truck name4 lettersmack
Truck brand with a bulldog in its logo4 lettersmack
To flirt (ABBR.)4 lettersmack
Former emcee Ted4 lettersmack
Built like a......truck4 lettersmack
... The Knife, song composed by Kurt Weill4 lettersmack
Baseball's Connie4 lettersmack
'King of comedy' Sennett4 lettersmack
Name in big trucks4 lettersmack
Coat's a hit with detached hood4 lettersmack
Computer keyboard's lead is waterproof4 lettersmack
Truck name4 lettersmack
Big truck maker4 lettersmack
Hollywood mogul Sennett4 lettersmack
truck maker with a bulldog logo4 lettersmack
big name in big trucks4 lettersmack
Connie of baseball4 lettersmack
Connie ......, Philadelphia Athletics manager for 50 years4 lettersmack
Ted with TV's old "Original Amateur Hour"4 lettersmack
Raincoat, for short4 lettersmack
“... the Knife” (Bobby Darin oldie)4 lettersmack
big name in trucks4 lettersmack
Truck with a bulldog hood ornament4 lettersmack
truck brand4 lettersmack
Kind of truck4 lettersmack

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