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Clue length Answer
Female bacchanalian6maenad
Attendant on Dionysus6maenad
Extremely annoyed after soldier captures the heart of confessed bacchante6maenad
Woman who's all-round crazy?6maenad
Graduate stops Mad Hatter getting drink?6maenad
Ms West, wild and frenzied woman6maenad
European, a male standing up drunken woman6maenad
Female follower of Bacchus6maenad
Frenzied woman"s grabbed another6maenad
In classical mythology, a woman participant in the orgiastic rites of Dionysus6maenad
frenzied woman6maenad
Frenzied female6maenad
In Greek myth, a female Bacchanalian6maenad
Woman "frenzied" describes?6maenad
Woman in a frenzy, mad about another6maenad
Woman in wild is wild woman6maenad
one of dionysus' ecstatic female followers whose name can be literally translated "raving one"6maenad
priestess of the cult of dionysus which goes back to mycenaean greece6maenad
Distraught woman6maenad
In Greek mythology, a woman participant in the orgiastic rites of Dionysus6maenad
Follower of Dionysus6maenad
Frenzied follower6maenad
Bacchus worshiper6maenad
Wild woman6maenad
Greek nymph6maenad
dionysus devotee6maenad
Bacchante; distraught woman6maenad
Recalls Hamlet, for example, with a top model - a wild woman from Greece6maenad
Go-go dancer of myth6maenad
Frenzied woman managed to settle after gang leader's taken away6maenad
Frenzied woman made an error6maenad
unfortunately named, a hellenic carouser6maenad
Dionysus devotee (anagram of "anadem")6maenad
Frenzied woman, European, American rebuffed6maenad
Female inducted by frantic bacchante6maenad

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