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Clue length Answer
Small hearing aid?3mic
Open car3mic
Tape player port3mic
Hearing aid, briefly3mic
It might receive feedback3mic
Boom box abbr.3mic
Amplifier jack letters3mic
Recorder input: Abbr.3mic
Amp plug-in3mic
Abbr. on an input jack3mic
Bit of A/V equipment3mic
drop the ... [musical reality show]3mic
say something awesome and then drop the ...! (abbr.)3mic
Karaoke need3mic
thing checked at a rock concert3mic
Karaoke prop, for short3mic
"... check 1, 2"3mic
A hot one can burn you3mic
Open ... night3mic
it may be open or dropped3mic
standup's need: abbr.3mic
karaoke aid3mic
it's dropped for emphasis3mic
podium fixture3mic
it may be open at a club3mic
handheld amp?3mic
drop the ... (walk off triumphantly)3mic
Open ... night (bar event, sometimes)3mic
MC tool3mic
Karaoke need, briefly3mic
Lead-in to “drop” or “stand”3mic
Karaoke need, informally3mic
Karaoke singer's tool3mic
pa-syst. part3mic
Open ... night (comedy club offering)3mic
drop the ......3mic
Karaoke need, for short3mic
Emcee's device3mic
word before check or drop3mic
Voice amplifier, briefly3mic
it can be dropped to prove a point3mic
Bit of podcasting equipment3mic
DJ's tool (Abbr.)3mic
Emcee's aid for short3mic
"It might receive feedback, briefly"3mic
Singer's necessity on stage, for short3mic
Open ... night (event for amateur comedians)3mic
Lapel attachment3mic

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