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Clue length Answer
Computer acronym5msdos
Basic PC program5msdos
Early IBM PC go-with5msdos
It helps many machines ru5msdos
Common computer interface5msdos
Forerunner of Windows5msdos
1980's PC's ran on it5msdos
PC software5msdos
Kind of PC command5msdos
Windows predecessor5msdos
Old PC standard5msdos
Many PCs once ran on it5msdos
Platform introduced in 195msdos
Early PC interface5msdos
Old PC software5msdos
PC platform released in 15msdos
Windows precursor5msdos
Old PC installation5msdos
It worked from a prompt5msdos
User interface5msdos
A PC may use it5msdos
early pc platform5msdos
Precursor of Windows5msdos
Windows forerunner5msdos
Early PC software5msdos
interface that was originally targeted at intel 8086 processors running on hardware that used floppy disks for storage5msdos
passé pc system5msdos
Windows ancestor5msdos
... mobile (microsoft operating system announced on april 1, 2015)5msdos
early pc platform acronym5msdos
Old PC platform5msdos
It helps many machines run5msdos
Platform introduced in 19815msdos
PC platform released in 19825msdos
Microsoft Windows preceder: Abbr.5msdos
Platform in which you might see the prompt C:\>5msdos
PCs once ran on it5msdos
PC platform of old5msdos
It was run in the 1980s-'90s5msdos
Early I.B.M. PC standard5msdos
Operations were once commonly performed in this5msdos
Environment of many old PCs5msdos
PC program5msdos
It worked with a prompt5msdos
PC platform popular in the '80s5msdos
PC platform released in 19815msdos
Popular PC interface before Windows: Hyph.5msdos
Precursor to Windows5msdos
what early pcs ran on5msdos