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Clue length Answer
Twelve ...... (Tara neighbor4oaks
Thousand ......4oaks
Squirrels' haunts4oaks
Dumbarton ...... (D.C. estat4oaks
Pacific ...... College4oaks
Thousand ......, Calif.4oaks
Sturdy ones4oaks
Battle of Fair ......, 18624oaks
"Mighty" things4oaks
Trees loved by squirrels4oaks
Dumbarton ...... Conference4oaks
Acorn producers4oaks
Fair ...... (Civil War battl4oaks
Stately florae4oaks
Homes for squirrels4oaks
Druidic worship sites4oaks
"'Neath the ......" (Wellesl4oaks
Annual horse race, with "4oaks
Acorn sources4oaks
Slow-growing trees4oaks
Acorn trees4oaks
where acorns come from4oaks
Mighty ones grow from little acorns4oaks
Official trees of the U.S.4oaks
these trees can live for over 1500 years and one in bulgaria is about 1700 years old4oaks
Mighty trees4oaks
Druids' sacred trees4oaks
Sources of acorns4oaks
Thousand ..., CA4oaks
big louisville race for three-year-old fillies4oaks
A classic feature of English woods4oaks
Gog and Magog at Glastonbury Tor, known as the .. of Avalon4oaks
Wine barrel woods4oaks
Some sturdy trees4oaks
Symbols of strength4oaks
squirrels' hangouts4oaks
large trees4oaks
Trees brought back from Alaska originally4oaks
acorn droppers4oaks
sources of some barrels4oaks
kentucky ..., event before the derby4oaks
sturdy trees4oaks
beech family trees4oaks
twelve ...: neighbor of tara4oaks
Some very sturdy trees4oaks
Trees with acorns4oaks
Grown-up acorns4oaks
Twelve of them surrounded Ashley Wilkes's plantation home, in "Gone with the Wind"4oaks
Thousand ..., California4oaks