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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Like draft beer5ontap
Like draft5ontap
Coming up5ontap
Ready for drawing5ontap
Readily available5ontap
Ready to be drawn5ontap
Not bottled, as beer5ontap
Ready for use5ontap
Like beer at a bar5ontap
Draft status5ontap
Not in bottles, as beer5ontap
Available by the pint, pe5ontap
Ready to be drafted5ontap
Alternative to "in a bott5ontap
Straight from the keg5ontap
About to happen5ontap
Waiting in the wings5ontap
Ready to draw5ontap
Continuously available5ontap
Ready for immediate use5ontap
Standing by waterfront, a pensioner shelters5ontap
Work to keep new reservists ready for deployment5ontap
Readily available, Matthew and Mark etc cuddled by senior5ontap
Elderly person keeps books to hand5ontap
Convenient work involving nothing too active, primarily5ontap
Bad! Starts to attack old person's telly not being freely available5ontap
Where C or H may be readily available5ontap
ready to be drawn, as beer5ontap
forthcoming paton novel5ontap
like some suds in the saloon5ontap
Like some bar drinks5ontap
Available, as a porter5ontap
Available if needed5ontap
ready in the keg5ontap
books collected by old age pensioner, readily available5ontap
Freely available form of panto5ontap
regularly taking milk kept in cask5ontap
Readily available — endlessly recorded?5ontap
Available, like a beer5ontap
(Of beer?) available5ontap
Where to find a washer permanently available5ontap
Where to keep one's hose readily available5ontap
Where H may be freely available5ontap
Where H or C might appear handy?5ontap
like much bar beer5ontap
words on a barroom posting5ontap