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Best answers for 5 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
Famed beneficiary of Sir Edward Montagu5 letterspepys
Memorable diarist5 letterspepys
English diarist5 letterspepys
Restoration recorder5 letterspepys
Famed diarist5 letterspepys
Dryden contemporary5 letterspepys
Diarist of the 17th century5 letterspepys
1666 London fire chronicler5 letterspepys
Chronicler of the English Restoration5 letterspepys
17th-century diarist Samuel5 letterspepys
noted diarist5 letterspepys
Distinguished diarist5 letterspepys
Diarist who documented the Great Plague of London5 letterspepys
C17 English diarist5 letterspepys
samuel, diarist who recorded the great fire of london5 letterspepys
various happy events haven't escaped author of a 235 letterspepys
Famous English diarist5 letterspepys
Diary writer5 letterspepys
Diarist takes a look, we hear5 letterspepys
Reported looks of a chronicler of his age5 letterspepys
samuel, famous diarist5 letterspepys
17th century English diarist Samuel5 letterspepys
Diarist has a furtive look, reportedly5 letterspepys
great london fire diarist5 letterspepys
Great Fire of London diarist5 letterspepys
17th-century English diarist5 letterspepys
Diarist of note5 letterspepys
Great Fire of London diar5 letterspepys
Has a butcher's announced results in London accountant!5 letterspepys
"It could be dyspepsia", said this journalist, hiccuping5 letterspepys
Diary-writing MP with get-up-and-go? Yes, after vacation5 letterspepys
English diarist Samuel5 letterspepys
Old English recorder5 letterspepys
"...... Diary ..."5 letterspepys
Diarist Samuel5 letterspepys
Famous diarist5 letterspepys
1666 London fire chronicl5 letterspepys
Diarist has a furtive look, they say5 letterspepys
Naval administrator in picture frame turned spy5 letterspepys
Chronicler sneaks a look at broadcast5 letterspepys
4 looks/sounds like ...5 letterspepys
Old journalist's vitality, say, returning on vacation5 letterspepys
Famous diarist Samuel5 letterspepys
Samuel —, British diarist and naval administrator who died in 17035 letterspepys
diarist heard noises5 letterspepys
Samuel —, diarist5 letterspepys
English diarist and naval administrator, d. 17035 letterspepys
Renowned diarist5 letterspepys
Diarist with energy? Yes, extremely5 letterspepys
17th-century diarist5 letterspepys