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7 lettres, Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue .

Clue Length Answer
unit of sound in linguistics7 lettersphoneme
Doctor hopes men become sound7 lettersphoneme
sound unit makes request for contact7 lettersphoneme
Linguistic unit7 lettersphoneme
Bit of speech conveyed by telephone message7 lettersphoneme
Distinctive sound coming from pub, I note7 lettersphoneme
Give me a call with a smallest distinct unit of sound7 lettersphoneme
unit of speech, in linguistics7 lettersphoneme
Sound pick-up line7 lettersphoneme
Distinct unit of sound within a spoken language7 lettersphoneme
"Sh," "th" or "ou"7 lettersphoneme
unit of sound in a language7 lettersphoneme
The smallest unit of sound in a language7 lettersphoneme
Make call to the writer in linguistics unit7 lettersphoneme
I'll wait for you to call Linguistic Unit7 lettersphoneme
ring me for a speech sound7 lettersphoneme
Call yours truly in gym about perfect start to morning7 lettersphoneme
basic linguistic grouping7 lettersphoneme
For unit of sound, get in touch with this compiler!7 lettersphoneme
Perhaps mobile, with its case, producing little sound7 lettersphoneme
I want to hear from you in the linguistics unit7 lettersphoneme
Call this writer for part of speech?7 lettersphoneme
Pronunciation key represe7 lettersphoneme
I'd like to be given a bell making little sound7 lettersphoneme
Sound of speech to ring out before half-time7 lettersphoneme
language unit's invitation to get in touch?7 lettersphoneme
Smallest unit of speech7 lettersphoneme
Linguistic sound unit7 lettersphoneme
"Sh" or "th," linguistically7 lettersphoneme
Figure of speech7 lettersphoneme
Pronunciation key representation7 lettersphoneme
Basic linguistic unit7 lettersphoneme
Call7 lettersphoneme