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Clue length Answer
Dialogue writer5plato
Xenocrates' mentor5plato
Philosophy 101 subject5plato
Academy founder5plato
Aristotle's teacher5plato
Ancient Greek thinker5plato
"The Republic" writer5plato
"The Republic" philosophe5plato
Academy head5plato
"Symposium" author5plato
Student of Socrates5plato
Philosopher who wrote the5plato
"Apology" author5plato
Socrates' student5plato
Father introduced lecturer to Academy founder5plato
Greek philosopher5plato
Philosopher shown up by total pillock5plato
Place at Oxford — just the start for philosopher5plato
Short coat given to old philosopher5plato
Greek troops not willing to participate5plato
Socrates's student5plato
Greek philosopher who taught Aristotle and was a friend of "2 Down"5plato
Philosopher who tutored Aristotle5plato
Philosopher's climbing mountain top nonstop5plato
philosopher who said "writing is the geometry of the soul"5plato
Republic's author about to abandon army group5plato
A plot (anag) (known to Aristotle?)5plato
He believed in having lady friends5plato
Pressure on alto performing for philosopher5plato
the academy's founder5plato
“Greek philosopher found on the moon”5plato
pupil of socrates5plato
He studied with Socrates5plato
he's a lot involved with the start of philosophy5plato
socrates' pupil5plato
"republic" philosopher5plato
Allegory of the cave philosopher5plato
complicated plot about a philosopher5plato
Greek thinker5plato
"Republic" author5plato
"Philosopher who wrote the Republic"5plato
Philosopher who gets on with soldiers5plato
Ancient Greek philosopher5plato
"The Republic philosopher"5plato
He wrote "No human thing is of serious importance"5plato
Figure in Raphael's "The School of Athens"5plato
He wrote "Knowledge is the food of the soul"5plato
"Beetle Bailey" character5plato
Disciple of Socrates5plato
Greek Academy founder5plato

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