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Clue length Answer
Persian War participant6sparta
Peloponnesian War victor6sparta
Where Cleomenes ruled6sparta
Leonidas's land6sparta
Mississippi town in "In t6sparta
Old Athenian ally against6sparta
What the 300 defended6sparta
Domain of King Tyndareus6sparta
Peloponnesian power6sparta
Athens rival6sparta
Ancient military hub6sparta
Leonidas' kingdom6sparta
Rival of Athens6sparta
Land of Leonidas6sparta
Side in the Peloponnesian6sparta
Old Greek city state, famous for its citizens' austere lifestyle6sparta
Box, essentially intact, found in an ancient Greek site6sparta
Old Greek city state6sparta
Paramilitaries with role in city state6sparta
Austere city's role in South Africa…6sparta
Hardy location to an extent filling southern area6sparta
Pole cheers for City6sparta
Ancient Greek city6sparta
Ancient city, portion in South Africa6sparta
City to fight with the Athenians, primarily6sparta
Greek city-state depicted in the film 3006sparta
Ancient city-state that won the Peloponnesian War6sparta
Ancient Greek city-state6sparta
Greek city-state6sparta
Role taken in South Africa's ancient city6sparta
City in Greece (region in South Africa, initially)6sparta
Fight cheers Greek city state6sparta
Ancient Greek city noted for its austerity6sparta
Old Greek state to practise fighting with volunteers6sparta
Ancient city quarter in South Africa6sparta
City-state that won the Peloponnesian Wars6sparta
Agiad dynasty's domain6sparta
corinthian war side6sparta
Spring to retweet answer from old city state6sparta
almost declare about section of ancient city6sparta
... in Greece, or some in South Africa6sparta
A gin's knocked back in ancient city6sparta
Small role played by a Greek city6sparta
An unimportant quarrel about resistance to first aid in ancient city6sparta
in the heat of the night town6sparta
small role by a greek city state6sparta
Old Peloponnesian city-state6sparta
enemy of ancient athens6sparta
ancient peloponnesian state6sparta
Old Greek city6sparta