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Best answers for 4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
Moscow's land, once: Abbr4 lettersussr
CCCP, in English4 lettersussr
Country founded in 1922:4 lettersussr
Country with a hammer-and4 lettersussr
Amer. ally in W.W. II4 lettersussr
Lenin's land, for short4 lettersussr
It disappeared on Dec. 264 lettersussr
Reagan's "evil empire"4 lettersussr
Cold war foe, for short4 lettersussr
Mir launcher4 lettersussr
Locale in a 1968 Beatles4 lettersussr
Country that disappeared4 lettersussr
Erstwhile empire, in brie4 lettersussr
Former G.D.R. ally4 lettersussr
Pre-1991 atlas abbr.4 lettersussr
Atlas abbr. before 19914 lettersussr
Former world power, for s4 lettersussr
Nation of Trump senior, a major power no more4 lettersussr
One of the Allies of W.W.4 lettersussr
It broke up in Dec. 19914 lettersussr
"Evil empire" initials4 lettersussr
Red giant, once?4 lettersussr
Once-mighty initials4 lettersussr
Stalin's domain4 lettersussr
Soyuz launcher4 lettersussr
Stalingrad's land, for sh4 lettersussr
Warsaw Pact land4 lettersussr
Boycotter of the '84 L.A.4 lettersussr
Khrushchev's concern4 lettersussr
Cold war initials4 lettersussr
Former "evil empire"4 lettersussr
SALT signatory4 lettersussr
Subj. of a 1991 breakup4 lettersussr
Russia was part of it: Ab4 lettersussr
The Beatles' "Back in the4 lettersussr
Cold war foe4 lettersussr
Cold war inits.4 lettersussr
Former empire4 lettersussr
Locale in a Beatles song4 lettersussr
U.S. ally in W.W. II4 lettersussr
Cold war superpower4 lettersussr
"Evil empire" of the '80s4 lettersussr
Five-Year Plan implemente4 lettersussr
Yalta conf. locale4 lettersussr
Red letters?4 lettersussr
W.W. II ally4 lettersussr
"Back in the ......"4 lettersussr
Gorbachev was its last le4 lettersussr
SALT party4 lettersussr
Brezhnev's land4 lettersussr