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Best answers for 4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
nonsense word in a phrase popularized by seinfeld4 lettersyada
When tripled, "you get the idea"4 lettersyada
When said three times, a phrase meaning "and so on"4 lettersyada
one-third of a "seinfeld" saying4 lettersyada
when tripled, a story shortener4 lettersyada
When said three times, a “Seinfeld” expression meaning “and so on”4 lettersyada
When repeated a Seinfeld catchphrase4 lettersyada
“And so on” word4 lettersyada
One-third of a "Seinfeld" catchphrase meaning "etc."4 lettersyada
Part of a phrase similar to 'blah blah blah'4 lettersyada
Endless chatter about nothing in particular4 lettersyada
one-third of a seinfeld catchphrase meaning and so on4 lettersyada
"blah" substitute, maybe4 lettersyada
And so on... and on... and on...4 lettersyada
Blah-blah-blah4 lettersyada
when repeated, "you get it ..."4 lettersyada
Blah blah (ABBR.)4 lettersyada
"Seinfeld" catchphrase when repeated4 lettersyada
"When said three times, et cetera"4 lettersyada
In triplicate, a Seinfeld catchphrase4 lettersyada
blah alternative4 lettersyada
When tripled, 'etc.'4 lettersyada
When tripled, and so on4 lettersyada
When said three times, a4 lettersyada
When tripled, a "Seinfeld4 lettersyada
Word usually said in trip4 lettersyada
When tripled, "et cetera"4 lettersyada
When repeated twice, et c4 lettersyada
when said thrice, "and so on"4 lettersyada
When tripled, blah, blah, blah4 lettersyada
When repeated, 'You get the idea'4 lettersyada
When repeated, a 'Seinfeld' expression4 lettersyada
One-third of et cetera?4 lettersyada
"When tripled, a Seinfeld catchphrase"4 lettersyada
"When said three times, and so on"4 lettersyada
one-third of a "seinfeld" utterance4 lettersyada
Word usually said in triplicate4 lettersyada
"When repeated twice, et cetera"4 lettersyada
"And so on," when tripled4 lettersyada