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4 lettres, Crossword Clue

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Clue Length Answer
... cable: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
... cable (computer/TV connector)4 lettershdmi
TV cable initials4 lettershdmi
TV cable letters4 lettershdmi
Technology that can connect your laptop to your TV: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
Type of cable that can stream high definition content: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
Like a cable that links a TV and a computer (Abbr.)4 lettershdmi
TV input interface letters4 lettershdmi
Short form of high-definition multimedia interface4 lettershdmi
High Definition Multimedia Interface: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
tv port type4 lettershdmi
cable used to connect a tv to a laptop.4 lettershdmi
Video cable: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
Type of TV cable4 lettershdmi
...... cable (PC-TV connector): Abbr.4 lettershdmi
Kind of cable for transmitting audio and video: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
Tech store cable purchase, e.g.4 lettershdmi
A high-quality audio/video interface that requires a special cable: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
... cable (computer/TV connector): Abbr.4 lettershdmi
... cable (computer monitor cable): Abbr.4 lettershdmi
Connecting cable initials4 lettershdmi
Cable connecting a PC to a TV: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
Cable that connects laptop to a TV: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
port on many tvs4 lettershdmi
type of computer monitor cable4 lettershdmi
Cable type that may plug into a monitor: Abbr4 lettershdmi
Digital connector type4 lettershdmi
TV to laptop connecting cable Abbr.4 lettershdmi
High-Definition cable attached to a TV4 lettershdmi
Type of cable for high-quality media: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
Port on some TVs4 lettershdmi
It connects a Blu-ray device to a TV: Abbr.4 lettershdmi
... cable (link between a TV and a computer)4 lettershdmi
Connecting cable letters4 lettershdmi
A high-quality audio/video interface, for which you may buy cables: Abbr4 lettershdmi
Cable that facilitates high definition4 lettershdmi
Port type on many TVs4 lettershdmi

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